Another better life location

Coming together is the beginning of a successful story. Thanks to technology for allowing the world to assist each other. Network marketing is one of the easest business models to g for. Being a member of H2i is a great step towards achieving dreams. It gives value to evrything that you do via it. So many people’s lives have been changed for better by this oganisation. My quest for looking for an accommodative society is over, for H2i was the answer. It is a society for people with little at hand but big minds, such minds are being brought to reality and elevated.

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The need for financial literacy in our lives

Financial literacy is key in our daily lives. Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki for going an extra mile to make this a reality. Just like what he said in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, poor people work for money whereas rich people work to learn how money works. I am one of those people who grew up with an employee mentality. The quest for working for money was in me untill when I heard that with financial literacy you can go far. This is undeniable, financial literacy talks much of how money works to make more money. Without financial literacy we always make more money to make more liabilities in life. As one of those educators in the world,I strongly believe people’s lives can change if they can value learning areas like accounting,commerce, entrepreneurship and others that give people an insight on how money works. Many nations’ ministry of education do place little value on such literacy. Rather they value other learning areas that only promote the employee mentality in us. People should read and study any material that can be an advantage to their financial literacy level. Most importantly learning combined with implementation is the key to success in life. I am committed to my success and that of others through others and myself. Opportunities like Helping Hands International can give you that opportunity to advance towards financial literacy for free, through the six stage compensation plan

In network marketing learning is a continuous process. Everything that is said is done and applicable in each and everyone willing ‘s life. There is no reason to be sorrowful when there is a more better way to improve our well being as a global village. Visions will always be real if we are ready to have financial literacy by others and through others. It is all about what you have to give to the world? Once we give to the world what we have the world will give its abundance to us. REMEMBER ONE OF THE BEST WAY TO EMPOWER YOURSELF IS THROUGH CONTINUOUS LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTATION.

Money being the root of all evil, but does it mean being poor is holy?

As a young man I used to hear statements like money is the root of all evil, money talks and push it works, people can do anything for money and many others. This had a very big impact on me especially the first satement I have written. By then I looked at rich people as evil people. This was and is however not the truth We have so many rich people who are full of love and caring for other beings, that I must confess.

I know ,that some might be wondering why I was thinking like that.I strongly agree with what people say about the impact of associates and environment in the way one thinks. I also do agree with what the author of the book, “Secret of millionaire mind” T. Harv Eker said, when he illustrated about the money blue print in our minds. Mine was mostly influenced by parents,friends, neighbors,teachers,relatives and even local business people.

I had bad feelings about people with money because of the way most of those afluent people around me were acting to gain their wealth. Some used jujus and others were mocking those without money. To me this was like enough evidence to say money is the root of all evil. However I did not know that I was nothing but thinking like a frog under a coconut shell. Neither did I knew that one day my position on this issue would shift for better.

Its all thanks to technology that made it possible for people to have different views from all over the world. Technology made it possible for me to join life changing conversations on social media platforms like facebook,twitter,whatsapp and blogs. The day I encountered an opportunity that made me think otherwise on the statement “Money is the root of all evil” will forever be vital in my life.

Its all thanks to Mrs Phiri,who introduced me to this life changing opportunity in the name Helping Hands International Their vision made me see and realise that some people can truly assist others to have a more better future. Monetary benefits are also in this platform but my focus was not only on money, I like the way my mind was tuned fine. My mind was full of negativity but now because of this organisation I have a different view on successful people in life. Even the way I think about life has changed, positive and motivational environment in Helping Hands International triggered me this far. To touch and empower people is a noble cause and that can be done by both the poor and the rich for the poor and the rich. Can you imagine a society full of people with holy wealth, people who fear God and have love for mankind.People who are driven by nothing else but love and truth. People who can tell you everything as it is, no matter how sweet or sour.

However, I still have this question,is being poor holy? Ooh ooh no there is nothing like that. Wishes forever can lead us astray if we do not act to better our life and that of others. Network marketing made it possible for most people to start from where they are using what they have in order to move further.No one on this earth is most poor than a person who does not implement good advices. There is no way I can be holy poor if I ignore opportunities that are based on truth and love actions.Thumps up to people like Roberty Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker,Francisco Bujan and Napoleon Hills for their impact to the world through teaching people how to master positive living and enjoy happiness

Knowing reality is it that easy?

*What To Do When You See An Opportunity*

The secret is…..

1. Learn, Ask Questions and Understand how it works.. You can also make your personal research about the company or business.

2. Observe the Group for 3 Days.. Drop your doubts, Don’t Procrastinate, Be ready to take Calculated Risk

3. Take Action by Investing in what you can afford.

4. Work with the Team πŸ‰ to build the business

5. Start Enjoying Money πŸ’° Keep Building, Be Persistent, Be Consistent, Be Determined.

6. Make Millions…. 🍾🍾

Partners, it is that simple… That is what we do that brings us results..

Remember; Never Get Tired Of Making Mistakes…. That is the beginning of Success.

*Enjoy … Cheers πŸ₯‚

What makes everything easy is what you truely know

Being guided by truth is one of the greatest gifts a man can have from God. This alone will provide a platform for everything that is good. Truth can lead to love and purity at heart. Corruption will stay and always stay away from thise with and guided by trueth. So before we say anything lets always ask ourselves is it true?